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Floating Ball Valve DN15-DN50

 Floating Ball Valve DN15-DN50

Fully Welded Ball Valve, Floating Ball Valve, Ball Float Valve, Gas Storage & Transportation

This type of fully welded ball valve is floating type. It features small volume, simple structure, excellent shutoff performance, and long service life. Clients can use it for over 20 years without the need of maintenance. This ball valve is mainly applied in underground pipelines,fluid control system, among others.

Specification: DN15-DN50

Model: Q61F-25C

Structure: reduced bore

Valve opening: flat steel handwheel (standard configuration)/worm wheel (optional configuration); motor driven/pneumatically driven/hydro driven (optional configuration)

Connecting method: full welding (standard configuration)/flange (standard configuration)/screw thread (optional configuration)/others (customizable)

Working temperature: -40℃-200℃

Working pressure: PN25

Medium: water, oil, gas

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