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Filter Ball Valve DN65-DN1000

 Filter Ball Valve DN65-DN1000

Fully Welded Filter Ball Valve DN65-DN1000
Filter Ball Valve, Impurity Removing Device in Pipelines, Dirt Filter Ball Valve

Wosheng adopts floating ball structure for DN65-DN300 series valves and fixed ball structure for DN350-DN1000. The column-shaped mesh filter is set middle the flow path of the ball, serving to block those solid impurities. Users are advised to close the valve and open the cover to remove the dirt out after a certain time running of the pipeline. The filter can be demolished when no cleaning operation is needed for the system. This fully welded filter ball valve is used for filtering and removing impurities for pipeline system and heat exchange stations.

Specification: DN65-DN1000

Model: Q61F-25C or Q361F-25C

Valve opening: round steel handle (standard configuration)/worm wheel (optional configuration); motor driven/pneumatically driven (optical configuration)

Structure: floating ball for DN65-DN300, and fixed ball for DN350-DN1000; reducing port (standard configuration)/full port (optional configuration)

Connecting method: full welding (standard configuration)/flange (optical configuration)/others (customizable)

Working temperature: -40℃-200℃

Working pressure: PN25

Medium: water, oil, gas

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