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Trunnion Ball Valve DN100-DN350

 Trunnion Ball Valve DN100-DN350

Fully Welded Trunnion Ball Valve DN100-DN350
Trunnion Mounted Welded Body Ball Valve, Welded Body Trunnion Ball Valve, Trunnion Mounted Fully Welded Ball Valve

The piston-type fixed valve structure has endowed this kind of ball valve with superb capacity to resist pipe stress. The bi-directional dual-seal structure guarantees the excellent sealing effect of the valve. And the bi-directional quadruple sealing method commits a highly reliable sealing result. This valve is mainly applied in underground pipelines, shipbuilding, gas storage device, fluid control device, tunnel construction, etc.

Specification: DN65-DN150

Model: Q367F-25C

Valve opening: worm wheel (standard configuration); motor driven/pneumatically driven/hydro driven (optional configuration)

Structure: fixed valve; reduced port (standard configuration)/full port (optional configuration)

Connecting method: full welding (standard configuration)/flange (standard configuration)/others (customization)

Working temperature: -40℃-200℃

Working pressure: PN25

Medium: water, gas, oil

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