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Wosheng is one of the most professional fully welded ball valve manufacturers in China. It is convenient for us to offer clients efficient goods delivery service since we are near Shanghai and Nanjing. Supported by a complete set of advanced ball valve processing machineries and testing devices, every year Wosheng produces 100 thousand sets of welded ball valves, 60% of which are exported to over 20 countries and regions, like Russia, Spanish, and Italy. Wosheng fully welded ball valve products have been certified by ISO9001, CE (PED), and TS, among other certification bodies.

Now the valve products Wosheng is providing include DN15-DN1400 series fully welded ball valves, filter valves, lock valves, directly buried type fully welded ball valves, and the self-developed buried adjustable extension bars and fully welded 3-way ball valves. We offer customization service to meet clients’ diversified requirements.

Pipeline ball valve whose wall thickness is 1.5 times of that of common ball valves was specially developed in Wosheng according to the applications of heat supply pipes in China, effectively avoiding the pipe deformation caused from thermal stress.

Wosheng valves are formed using carbon steel or stainless steel seamless pipes. The 304 stainless steel for the fine grinded ball bodies has given the valves excellent corrosion resistance and sealing performance. Full welding technique is employed to dramatically improve the sealing property of the control valves. For series from DN15 to DN350, we adopt floating-ball structure, and fixed-ball bidirectional 4-layer soft sealing structure for DN35-DN1400 series.

With the outstanding performance of shutting, sealing, wear resistance, and easy installation, Wosheng ball valve is an ideal choice for shut off and control uses. They are guaranteed to be free from leakage or maintenance within 25 years.

Wosheng ball valves now have found applications in district heating or cooling, pulping, paper making, chemical, food processing, petrochemical, energy supply, nuclear power plants, heat supply, natural gas pipeline and other industries calling for strict valve control. Properly used, Wosheng valve can work for at least 20 years.

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